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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Form

During the course of our work on your behalf we may request and process personal and potentially sensitive information about you in order to carry out our services for you which may also include information we are obliged to obtain to fulfil our legal and regulatory duties such as anti-money laundering/identification checks. We may also use that information for updating and enhancing client records, analysis to help us manage our practice as well as statutory returns and legal and regulatory compliance. 


Our use of that information is subject to your instructions, data protection law and our duty of confidentiality.

You consent to us retaining such data for longer than the 5 years statutory period, unless you tell us otherwise. 


Please note that our work for you may require us to pass on information to third parties such as expert witnesses, other professional advisers, including sometimes advisers appointed by another party to your matter. Our practice may also be audited/checked by our accountants, our Regulator, or by other organisations. We do not normally copy such information to anyone outside the European Economic Area, however we may do so when the particular circumstances of your matter so require. All such third parties are required to maintain confidentiality in relation to your files.


You have the following rights under data protection law with regard to the personal data that we hold about you:

  • to request details of the information we hold about you, 

  • to request corrections or amendments to that information, and

  • to request the deletion/destruction of such information, unless we are obliged to retain that information for legal or other regulatory purposes. 


If you wish to update your information or have any queries regarding the information we hold about you please contact us.  


We have appointed Michael Davies for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.  

If you send us personal data about anyone else you will ensure you have the appropriate consents and notices in place to enable you to transfer that personal data to us so that we may use it for the purposes for which you provided it to us. 


We also like to keep present and past clients updated with information we think might be of interest to them, such as legal developments that may be relevant, information about us and our services.  You can change your mind at any time, so if you later want to opt out just let us know. Please tick one of the boxes below, sign and return this form to us. 


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