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Criminal Law and Motoring Law

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It prescribes conduct perceived as threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people inclusive of one's self.

What is Motoring Law?

Motoring Law relates to specific offences relating to driving, such as Drink driving, Dangerous & careless driving, Speeding offences, Driving without a licence, Driving whilst using a mobile phone and like offences


What work we will undertake for you?

At the start of a criminal defence case, we will obtain details of the allegations against you, and take your detailed instructions. That may lead to the need to gather evidence to support your case.  This will include interviewing your witnesses. We will also research the statutes, cases, and procedural rules that may be useful when defending your case in court in order to prepare a defence strategy

Building a Defence Strategy

We will advise you in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of your case, whether, or not, there are any defences available to you, and the pros and cons of pleading guilty, or not guilty, based on the particular circumstances of your case.


Prior to Trial

Should you plead not guilty and your matter progress to Trial, we will work with you to prepare your case in line with your defence strategy. They will analyse all the evidence both for and against you before a trial, so that cross examination of the prosecution witnesses can be planned, and a proper running order can be put into place for calling your witnesses.


Should the need arise, they will make applications to either omit evidence detrimental to your case, or to include evidence beneficial to your case


We will also be there to assist you throughout the Trial.  If there is any new evidence to be taken into consideration, they will make sure that this is highlighted as quickly as possible


During the Trial

Should your matter progress to Trial the Solicitor representing you, or a Barrister instructed by us to work on your behalf, will argue your case, including cross examining Witnesses, put forward your defence, if you have one, and challenge the Prosecution case against you.


If you Plead Guilty or are convicted after Trial

We will ensure that a fair punishment or sentence is given to you.  They will do their best to make sure that a judge and jury, or bench of magistrates, put into perspective the allegation that you have been accused of, and take full account of any remorse, rehabilitation or personal circumstances that are relevant to your sentencing.


After Trial

We will advise you whether there are any grounds for appealing the outcome of an unsuccessful Trial, or the sentence you receive. If there are grounds we will go through the process with you and, if you wish to appeal, shall begin the appeals process without delay.


Our Aims

We are aware that facing Criminal allegations can be a particularly stressful time. We aim to support you throughout the process to ensure that the stress you feel is limited. We aim to be accessible to our clients and believe that it is important for clients to feel comfortable contacting us to ask for advice no matter how trivial they feel their query may be.


Time frame

Motoring Offences

For most offences, the Police have 6 months from the date of the incident to start the Court process. Some Police forces will serve papers within weeks of the offence, whereas others will not actually get a file to Court until the 6 months is almost up. You do not have to be served with the Court papers within 6 months, the Police merely have to start the process in that time. Consequently, it may be 7-8 months from the offence before you actually attend Court.

Most cases that have to go to court have a Plea and a Trial Hearing unless a guilty plea is entered on the first appearance. It wil usually take 1 month for plea and 2-3 months for trial.

Fees and Disbursements 

Legal aid

You may qualify for Legal Aid. If you representation will either be completely free to you, or you will be expected to make a contribution to the Legal Aid Agency for your representation. Click the badge below to see the Legal Aid section on our website for full details.

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