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Police Station Representation

What is Police Station Law?


Police Station Law involves the Police investigation before charge.


If you are arrested and taken to a Police Station, or asked to attend the Police Station as a Volunteer, you have the right to be represented, free of charge, by a Duty Solicitor.


What work we will undertake for you?


Check your arrest and detention is lawful

A Duty Solicitor can check that you have been arrested lawfully and, if you have not, demand your immediate release. They can also monitor the situation throughout your stay at the Police Station to check that your detention remains lawful and is not extended beyond what is reasonable and necessary

Request Disclosure

The Duty Solicitor can request disclosure from the Police. This is where the Police provide the Solicitor with details of the allegations made against you. Without a Solicitor present, you will not receive this disclosure and are therefore disadvantaged before you even go into the interview as you do not have prior knowledge of the allegations made against you and the evidence the Police hope to rely upon against you.

Pre Interview consultation

The Duty Solicitor will discuss the information he has received from the Police with you before interview. This will allow you to have a full understanding of allegations made against you and the evidence the Police hope to rely upon against you. The Duty Solicitor will advise you in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against you, advise you whether you have any defences and/or alibis in relation to the offence/s alleged and whether they advise you to speak to the Police, or not.


Help establish your Defence

The Duty Solicitor will help you to establish your defence prior to interview. Clients are often of the impression that what happens at the Police Station is not as important as what happens at Court – this is not the case – everything you say at the Police Station is recorded and can be used in evidence should your matter progress to Court, therefore, if you accidentally admit wrongdoing, or you incriminate yourself, this can lead to a conviction at Court which could otherwise have been avoided.

Ensure the correct Procedure / Procedures are being used

The Duty Solicitor will make sure that the Police are following the correct procedure / procedures as procedural irregularities can sometime be detrimental to detainees.

Look after your interests interview

The Duty Solicitor will make sure that the Police only ask appropriate questions, that they act appropriately throughout the interview and that you have appropriate advice throughout the interview you require it.

After the interview

The Duty Solicitor will argue your case with the Custody Sergeant and/or the officers in the case to try to secure the best possible outcome for you. This could be that the Police are persuaded to take no further action against you, it could be that they are persuaded to issue and out of court disposal, or it could be that they are persuaded to charge you with a lesser offence. The Duty Solicitor will be able to advise you in relation to bail and bail conditions if they should become an issue

What we can do for you

We have Duty Solicitors available to attend the Police Station 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can be contacted on 01686626210 in office hours, or 07718903637 outside of office hours. Alternatively, you can tell the Police that you want Richard George and Jenkins Solicitors to represent you and ask the Police to contact the Duty Solicitor Scheme on your behalf, who will then inform us of your request.


Time frame

This will be discussed with you at the initial consultation. This will vary on a case by case basis


Legal Aid

Your Representation at the Police Station will be covered under the Legal Aid Scheme FREE of charge to you. Click the badge below to see the Legal Aid section on our website for full details.

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