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Are your details up to date at the Land Registry?

Fact: Out of date information causes delays in future transactions and increases the risk of Property Fraud.

What details do the Land Registry hold?

Our Article about Unregistered Land explains the process of how Land is first Registered at the Land Registry. The Article, among other things, answers the question "What are Land Registry office copies?".

The full article can be accessed by clicking below.

As a quick recap, once a property is registered you can at any time apply for up to date copies of your "Title Deeds". These are known as Office Copies and will usually consist of:

  • A Title Register that shows the ownership details of a property including rights/easements as well as information about the owners.

  • A Title Plan that shows the boundaries and extent of the Property.

What information is on my Title Register?

Your Title Deeds contain, among other things, information about you, the Proprietor, most importantly your name, address and an address for service.

Why is keeping the details updated important?

Selling your home - When you come to sell your Property the first thing that the Land Registry are concerned with is whether you are the owner. The Land Registry will need to know that you are the person on the Register, if your details are incorrect it can lead to unnecessary delays, at what is already a stressful time, as you spend time getting the documentation.

Notices - Should the Land Registry need to contact you they will, understandably, write to the address they have been provided with. Should someone make an application to the Land Registry which affects your property, for example if someone tries to claim rights over, or adverse possession of, your Land, the Land Registry may write to you to give you an opportunity to object to the application. If your address is incorrect, you may miss the opportunity to object which makes you more vulnerable to fraud.

As property fraud is a potential problem for any property owner we have also written an article about a service offered by the Land Registry to offer further protection. Click below to find out more.

So when should I update my details?

You should always update your details at the Land Registry if you change your name or address. You should also, update the Land Registry when a joint owner of a property dies.



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