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A Guide to making a Will with RGJ

Richard George & Jenkins has been drafting Wills for clients for over a Century.

Stage 1 - Initial Instructions

At this meeting we will take instructions in relation to the content of your Will and provide you with advice as to the content and effect of it. This initial meeting can be done either over the phone, in person or via email. Click here for our Contact Information Page.

The information that will be required can be split into three categories; information about you, information about your assets and information about the distribution of those assets.


* (If applicable)

** (If desired)

Information about you.

We will need details of:

  • your Trustees and Executors

  • your Substitute Trustees and Executors*

  • your Partner*

  • your Children*

  • any other non related dependents*

  • your funeral wishes**

Information about your assets.

We will need details of:

  • any property owned*

  • Bank or Building Society accounts*

  • Stocks and Shares*

  • Bonds*

  • National Savings*

  • Pensions*

  • Life insurance / Annuities*

  • any Trusts you benefit from or are likely to benefit from*

We will then begin to look at how you would like the assets to be distributed.

  • Specific Gifts**

  • Gifts of Property**

  • Your Residuary Estate. This is what is left after specific gifts, gifts of property, payment of debts, taxes, administrative fees, probate costs and court costs.

Stage 2 - Client on-boarding

After taking initial instructions we will send you the following documents:

  • Client Care Letter - This explains the work we will undertake, outline your instructions, the likely costs, the likely time frame and provide contact details.

  • Terms of Business - This outlines the terms of our relationship with you. It also contains important details regarding our Professional Indemnity Insurance and our Complaints Procedure. Click Here.

  • GDPR Form - outlines how we handle, protect and store your personal data. Click Here.

Stage 3 - Drafting

Once you have returned the on boarding documents confirming everything is correct we will draft your Will in preparation for signature. The drafting stage should take between 1-2 weeks.We will contact you to come and execute the Will.

Stage 4 - Executing the Will

At the Execution Meeting we will:

  • Go through the Will with you and explain the content and operational effect of each clause.

  • Complete and witness the signing of the Will, to ensure that it is executed in the correct manner.

  • Create a file note to detail that you had capacity to make the Will, were free of Undue Influence and that it was executed in the correct manner. This note could later be used as evidence if anyone was to ever challenge your Will.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, we will store the original in our strong room. This service is free of charge and means we can provide you a further copy, again free of charge, should it be required.

  • If requested we will provide you with a copy of your Will for your personal records.

More Information

The links below are to pages you may find useful.


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